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iOS App: MyInterest - Income and Loan Compund Interest Calculator

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Interest Earned or Interest Paid — There lies the difference for MyInterest iOS app. Checkout Article on Medium with Screenshots

Ebook: Illuminating Clojure and ClojureScript Snippets

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Product Development for Clients

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Bootstrapping Products for our Clients!

DRInnovations was formed in July 2009 with a vision to develop innovative software products that follow the LESS philosophy. The LESS means MORE to customers - removing extra baggage, keeping focus essentially acting as Guardrail. Product applications that are lightweight and fast. DRInnovations does product development for clients using the bleeding edge web, native and mobile technologies. DRInnovations also looks into backing other projects and start up businesses. DRInnovations is based in Dallas, TX, USA. Clients include GetARoom.com, DataXU and more. Current Languages supported (FP - Clojure, Elixir, Functional approach in Ruby) and (OO - Ruby,Swift,JS,Java) with (Databases - SQL, MongoDB, Redis).


Helping Other Companies

Investing in products and companies

DRInnovations looks into backing other projects and start up businesses. We have also backed several projects on Kickstarter.

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Rohit Sachdeva: Founder, President/Chief Architect/Product Development Engineer

Software guru Rohit has 360 degrees experience of successfully working on several new innovative products for more than 12 years. He has helped the launch of many successful products that are used by millions today. Few Software Product Domains he has worked on in the world of Enterprise Software include Retail(Point of Sale, Central office, Back office,returns Management), Hotel Room Booking and Travel Platforms, Role Management, e-Discovery, Online Marketing Ad Exchange Platforms. Companies he has worked with include 360Commerce, Oracle, SailPoint, RenewData and more. Rohit founded DRInnovations, LLC in 2009 and has expanded it to include Product Development, Professional Services and Investment group.

Rohit also undertakes several learning endeavours in latest technologies. He has completed ML (Machine Learning) from Stanford University. He has also completed Functional Programming in Clojure from University of Helsinki.

Follow Rohit on Twitter: @rsachdeva


Email: growth@drinnovations.us

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